Macaron Cafe Ohio Market Press, Opens May 2020

Boutique Pastry Shop in Summit Mall, Fairlawn,Ohio, Opens May 2020

Macaron Cafe Ohio, European Inspired Café brings a taste of Europe to Summit Mall soon. Chef Rogers shared her passion for creating elite French pastries that were sparked by her international travels and culinary training over the years. She shared how the concept started over a cup of coffee while touring France with friend Chef Pile. They found a demand for clean, all-natural foods in which their product line was formed by offering Licensed Kosher, Vegan and Gluten-Free desserts. The companies Authentic French Macaron, Gourmet Cakes, Pies, Bubble Waffles, Bomboloni and other fine desserts produced daily from the best locally grown ingredients. The companies offer a full menu of Authentic Gelato, Ice Cream, Soup, Sandwiches includes Specialty Espresso Beverages and Hand-Crafted Chocolates. The cafés décor is simple but sleek and is grounded in 19th-century French monture (i.e., gathering). While surrounding customers by French-inspired arts, high ceiling unique lighting. The café offers seating depending on location with free Wi-Fi.

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